The Rock explains how things are different in wrestling now

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The Rock explains how things are different in wrestling now

The Rock was successful in the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/E) as one of the cardinal figures and among the most charismatic of the Attitude Era: he is in fact recognized as the second most important icon of this period.

In 2011 he made his return to WWE and has continued to struggle sporadically to this day. Considered to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers and biggest draws of all-time, The Rock headlined the most-bought professional wrestling pay-per-view event ever, WrestleMania XXVIII, and was featured in among the most watched episodes of WWE's television shows, WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown.

He has won several championships, being a two-time Intercontinental Champion, a five-time tag team champion, and a ten-time world champion. He was also a Royal Rumble match winner and WWE's sixth Triple Crown champion.

During a recent Q&A session, The Rock explained how things are different in wrestling now: “But I do miss that, but also the wrestling business has changed, really dramatically since I was in it. Not to say that it’s changed for the worse or for the better, it’s just different, and I still follow it and I have a lot of love and respect for all the men and the women who continue to put their bodies on the line and by the way… It’s crazy that they’re continuing to put their bodies on the line as through this pandemic.

They’re still just working hard and just wrestling, and sweating on each other, and just doing all this, but all in the name of entertaining the fans, which I think is always cool, because wrestling has always had this adaptability to it, that was always very cool”.