Jimmy Korderas On WWE Stars Being Released

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Jimmy Korderas On WWE Stars Being Released

Jimmy Korderas was a WWE referee. His career in WWE lasted for about 22 years. He worked with the well known Howard Finkel during his time there. Finkel recently passed away and he spoke about Finkel along with some other wrestling related topics on Wrestling Inc.

Daily. About a dozen employees were let go by WWE recently. They were let go possibly because WWE didn’t require all employees to work during the pandemic. Some big names were also let go, and many people were surprised.

People simply did not think that WWE would let its employees go during a time like this. Jimmy spoke about this on the podcast. "It is a tough time but we can only hope for better and try to stay positive. I know it's hard and difficult, but we gotta think that way because if you start thinking the worse, then you're gonna lead yourself down that road.

So, let's try and keep this as positive as we can even in these tough times," said Korderas. "I appreciate people who are messaging and to those out there, my friends who are either furloughed or released, my heart goes out to you guys.

But I know that all of you will bounce back because you're all talented people. It's a temporary setback. You guys will be back somewhere. But you will be back." According to some journalists, most of these employees will be rehired by WWE once the pandemic is over.

WWE has stated that they have a big cash reserve, but they definitely do not need all of its employees right now. Even Rusev, a seriously popular star was let go recently, and that really surprised many people. Many of the former employees, let their feeling be known only after they had left.