Roman Reigns’ Name Being Kept Off TV?

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Roman Reigns’ Name Being Kept Off TV?

It seems like WWE will try to keep Roman Reigns’ name off the TV so that fans might forget that he exists. WWE is still going to run its shows, but most likely, without Roman. According to various reports, WWE has instructed everyone not to mention Roman’s name during the TV shows.

This report was released by Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The reason for this instruction was not given though. WWE Universal Champion was present this week to talk about his title victory at WrestleMania 36. He was able to beat the legendary, Bill Goldberg.

He never mentioned Roman once during his time in the ring. Roman was Goldberg’s original opponent. WWE, right to the very end, was hyping Roman Reigns vs Goldberg for WrestleMania 36. Roman was replaced by Strowman only after Roman decided to not appear for the WrestleMania 36 tapings.

Roman does not want to work during the pandemic as he has a compromised immune system and the virus could actually be lethal for him. Goldberg vs Strowman did not have any build-up and Goldberg dropped the title to Strowman.

The last time Roman was mentioned was on the March 27th episode. We do not know when Roman will return to WWE, but we believe it might take him a while to return to action. The Observer stated that it was up to Roman to decide when he can start working again.

Even Stephanie McMahon mentioned that all superstars are working on a voluntary basis during this pandemic. We might not see Roman perform until the pandemic ends for good. This situation can last for months, but we hope that things return to normal sooner than later.