Bubba Ray Dudley Praises Ripley

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Bubba Ray Dudley Praises Ripley

A very small number of professional wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling have performed at WrestleMania. WrestleMania started nearly 36 years ago. It was Vince McMahon’s product and that helped professional wrestling tremendously.

WWE is the biggest sports entertainment company in the world even after all these years. Bubba Ray Dudley is no stranger to performing at WrestleMania. He is a former member of the Dudley Boyz. Dudley Boyz is a legendary tag team and have captured more than 20 world titles during their career.

Bubba actually enjoyed watching WrestleMania 36. He spoke about the even on the Busted Open Radio. Bubba praised Ripley and believes that she will be a big star in WWE. She lost her NXT Women’s Title to Charlotte Flair, but Bubba believes that she will do bigger things in WWE.

"It's easy, it's Rhea Ripley. [It was her] first WrestleMania, her first big match and you've got to get in there with Charolette," Dudley noted. "There were so many things that I liked about that match that was so untypical.

There were so many things in that match that reminded me of things that Bret Hart would do and I call it the in-between, or the little things that happen in between the moves that you're trying to give another. These women made each other learn every piece of offense that they've got.

Nothing was given away; nothing was easy. It was a fight that took place within a good wrestling match, and that's what I enjoyed”. Rhea Ripley received a lot of attention after she beat the extremely talented Shanya Baszler a few months ago.

She took the NXT Women’s Title off her, and that was the greatest achievement of her career. Rhea is still not a main roster star, but she might become one if she continues to perform as well as she is right now.