Bobby Lashley Talks About Kurt Angle

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Bobby Lashley Talks About Kurt Angle

Bobby Lashley never reached the top of WWE but he has always been a special wrestler. Even before joining WWE, he had a fantastic amateur wrestling career. Bobby is also a former MMA fighter and has a very good MMA record. He retired from MMA a few years ago and returned to the world of professional wrestling.

Lashley was introduced to professional wrestling by the legendary Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is a WWE Hall of Famer and one of the greatest performers in the history of WWE. He won numerous title in WWE and faced some of the greatest performers in the history of WWE.

Lashley was actually training for the 2004 Olympic Games where he met Kurta Angle. Angle had been recently released by WWE at that time. This is what Lashley spoke about. "#tbt This picture was from the Olympic Training Center," Lashley wrote.

"I was training there and @therealkurtangle came in that day to do some filming for the @wwe. I had followed Kurt's career since his college days to so I was already a huge fan. After practice Kurt pulled me aside and told me he wanted to bring me into the world of professional wrestling.

Flushed Face emoji After a series of events I found myself at @ovwwrestling contracted by @WWE! It's crazy how we are all just one decision away from a completely different life. Thank you @therealkurtangle Left-Facing Fist emoji" Lashley left WWE and joined TNA wrestling.

That is also where he worked alongside Kurt Angle. Both had a falling out with WWE and left the company for some time. Both stars returned to WWE eventually. Lashley was known as a powerhouse but an overall well-rounded technical wrestler. He still wrestles, but he is not as quick as he used to be.