The Miz discusses the challenge of competing without an audience

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The Miz discusses the challenge of competing without an audience

In his WWE career, The Miz held the WWE Championship once, eight times the Intercontinental Championship, two times the United States Championship, four times the WWE Tag Team Championship (with John Morrison, with John Cena, with Damien Mizdow and with Big Show), twice the World Tag Team Championship (with John Morrison and with Big Show) and twice the SmackDown Tag Team Championship (once with John Morrison and once with Shane McMahon).

The Miz also won the 2010 Raw Money in the Bank ladder match, and was ranked number one on Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI)'s annual PWI 500 list for 2011. He is one of the 10 most prolific pay-per-view performers in WWE history.

The Miz has headlined several pay-per-view events for WWE, including WrestleMania XXVII. During a recent interview, he discussed the challenge of competing without an audience: “Yeah, I mean, you’ve got to find a different way I guess, to get the adrenaline and to utilize it.

It reminds me almost like I’ve used it like almost a Japanese crowd. Like, we go to Japan, and we perform for a live audience, it is very very quiet. But when there’s a big move, they go ‘OOH!’. So you don’t get the big reaction of the ‘OOH!,’ it’s just crickets every time.

But you know that in the Japanese audience they’re watching and they’re invested in everything you do. So in my mind, I’m just picturing the people at home being invested in everything that we’re doing.

So every little maneuver counts, so it’s actually making me a better performer in the ring. It’s totally different. I mean, we rely — not rely, but when I’m out there performing, I enjoy hearing people boo, people chanting ‘You suck,’ or just being involved.

That’s what WWE’s all about, like going to a live interaction. It’s basically like the entire audience is interactive. They boo who they hate, they’re cheering who they love. You know, they have their own chants.

I mean, there’s so many chants from ‘This is awesome’ to ‘You deserve it’ — when someone wins the title, you hear these ‘You deserve it’ chants. It’s quite amazing and it’s powerful."