Jim Ross on WWE Firing its Wrestlers

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Jim Ross on WWE Firing its Wrestlers

Due to the recent pandemic, many businesses were forced to close. Many people had to be laid off. Right now, there are more than six million people unemployed in the US. For many, 2020 has been a nightmare. Only a few fortunate people were able to work from home and still earn.

Some professional wrestlers were also laid off recently. WWE fired more than 30 of its employees recently. Even the legendary, Kurt Angle was let go. WWE will save more than $700,000 per month now as a result of these people being fired.

Jim Ross was a long time WWE employee. He is a legendary wrestling commentator and a WWE Hall of Famer. He now works for AEW as a Senior Advisor and a commentator. Ross recently spoke about WWE firing its employees on The Roman Show.

He doesn’t think that AEW should hire all the wrestlers that were fired. "Sometimes you have to let people go that you don't think deserve to be let go," Ross stated on The Roman Show. "It's the nature.

It's not wrestling, man; it's life we're talking about. There are six million people right now in the unemployment line. We're all roaring about 30 or 40 people in the wrestling business that also got laid off.

Sometimes, I wonder where our heads are. We are living in the most tumultuous unprecedented times, ever”. "On Twitter, I get, 'What do you think about this? Who should AEW hire?' I'm more worried right now about living to tomorrow.

I'm at a high risk for the Coronavirus. You think I am concerned about who's going to get hired tomorrow? If I were AEW, I would hire nobody. There's no reason to hire anybody tomorrow”. All Elite Wrestling has also been affected by the pandemic.

They are forced to hold their shows inside empty arenas. AEW so far has not been able to get itself marked “essential” as the WWE has though. So WWE is at an advantage right now.