Jim Ross discusses Taz signing with AEW


Jim Ross discusses Taz signing with AEW

Taz was under contract with the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/E), where he served as Smackdown's color commentator; in the past he held the same role on the roster of ECW and again of Smackdown, in April 2009 he consensually terminated his contract with WWE.

He subsequently played the same role for TNA, until April 15, 2015. Known especially for being one of the stars of the Extreme Championship Wrestling, Tazz won several titles during his stay in the federation, including the ECW World Championship, the ECW World Television Championship and the ECW Tag Team Championship.

Furthermore, Tazz was responsible for introducing the FTW Heavyweight Championship to the ECW. He left the ring in 2002 following numerous injuries. After retiring, SmackDown's commentary career began! until 2009 following the expiration of the contract.

Later he signed a contract with TNA, where he plays the same role. On April 15, 2015 it was announced that Tazz had left the federation. Tazz's character was influenced by The Missing Link, The Steiner Brothers and Wild Samoans.

Tazz is nicknamed the "Human Suplex Machine" due to his wide array of suplex variations he would utilise in matches. His finishing move, the Tazmission, is a half nelson choke with bodyscissors. He also sometimes combined this submission with a suplex, creating a half nelson choke suplex, called the Tazmission-Plex.

He has also claimed to have named the T-Bone Suplex. During the Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross discussed Taz signing with AEW and the impact he has on the young wrestlers as a coach: "Taz is not Mr.Congeniality all the time," Ross said.

"He's a product of his environment so he's very aggressive and demanding in a lot of ways. He was a hell of a coach, he does a good job for AEW now when we have T.V.s and everybody is there. He does a good job of coaching these kids up which is good for us."

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