Keith Lee on Going to WWE Main Roster

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Keith Lee on Going to WWE Main Roster

Keith Less is a very famous WWE NXT Superstar. He won the NXT North American Title in January and might be part of the main event of RAW or Smackdown. Lee knows that he has a big fan base and many WWE fans would like to see him perform on either RAW on Smackdown.

He spoke about whether or not he wants to join the main roster on the Chasing Glory podcast. "I love NXT," Lee exclaimed. "There are a lot of gents there that I've traveled with, or I've shared locker rooms with.

"However, in the grand scheme of things, I know that a lot of fans are interested in seeing Keith Lee mix it up with some of the guys on Raw or SmackDown. I think at the end of the day, I am a competitor, so, I want to go where the competition is.

I doesn't matter which brand it is. If they can come to NXT, I'll stay in NXT. But if they want me on Raw or SmackDown, I will show up, and I will make a statement as I do everywhere else I go." There are various reports that pop up about WWE couples.

We have received reports that Mia Yim and Lee are actually a couple. Yim posted a picture of her and Lee in September 2019 in Disney World. Lee spoke about that and stated that he met Yim on the indie circuit and knew her for a long-time.

"So actually, I met her before ever coming to NXT," Lee informed. "To be fair, she had no idea who I was. The first time I met her was in 2014, I believe. It was an independent show in Austin, Texas. I didn't speak a whole lot to her, but I thought she was brilliant - just her presence and how she carried herself."