Is retirement on the cards for ex-WWE star who's recently been released?

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Is retirement on the cards for ex-WWE star who's recently been released?

During the past month, WWE, as you all know by now, has had to impose cuts in its staff to counter the economic difficulties resulting from the financial problems related to the pandemic currently underway, with the McMahons who have had to run for cover having to do without important elements of their crew, such as Rusev, Kurt Angle, Mike Chioda or Fit Finlay.

Among the many released on April 15 and in the days that have followed that fateful date, the name of the former lightweight champion Lio Rush was also included, who for a short period in addition to being a wrestler also acted as the manager to Bobby Lashley, before the muscular athlete married RAW star, Lana.

Well apparently, at the moment there is no certainty that Rush wants or can continue his wrestling career outside the WWE because in the last hours the ex-McMahon talent seems to have put all his wardrobe on sale. This includes his online ring and all those costumes with which the athlete has practically performed in recent years.

This has led to doubts assaulting fans of the young athlete: will Lio Rush stop being a wrestler? At the moment there is no certainty about this, given that the person concerned has not yet responded clearly to the fans who asked him, but one thing is certain, the sale of all his ring gear and the release of his new one music album, they could soon lead the wrestler to discover other shores, which are not necessarily related to that of pro-wrestling.

This is what Lio Rush shared in a tweet about his sale: "NOW FOR #SALE 💰. Email [email protected] for details. - 🥀 Ever After OUT NOW!"