Heath Slater: Chris Jericho was mad about having to lose to me

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Heath Slater: Chris Jericho was mad about having to lose to me

Several of the legends of WWE sooner or later must have to lose against some younger colleague, often even with one of the many so-called "rookies", or against one of those younger Superstars who are little known in the pro-wrestling rings and who perhaps, with that victory, could begin to build fame, an important status and thereby an important future and future in the rings of WWE.

The history of the Federation of Stamford, just like the federations from all over the world, is dotted with moments of the genre, with a match between legend and rookie, which enter the memory of fans as iconic moments, with a handover that maybe only a few years later I will be remembered as such, like John Cena's debut against Kurt Angle in a now distant episode of Smackdown or Sami Zayn's debut on the WWE main roster, just against John Cena himself that came, a few years later.

All memorable matches that, in some way, have been seen as a watershed moment of the most important careers in the history of the Federation of Stamford.
Heath Slater, who was recently released by the WWE, talked about one such example in his last interview released for the occasion with journalist Lewis Nicholls.

Recalling the anecdote as that before his victory over the legendary Chris Jericho at NXT, Slater said that Y2J was furious about the whole thing:

"What? Jericho and I? But hell with it! Really? In your path in WWE, you can never absorb certain things, because you go on and on doing a lot of things and not even many memories.
I know for a fact that Chris didn't want me to beat him and went to Pat Patterson complaining to Pat, saying to me ?!

I can not believe it! and blah blah blah blah 'So Pat Patterson looked at him and said' Aaah it's just a rookie! Nobody will remember this in a week! ' I thought it was true, but after 10 years I see that people still talk about this match, so yes.

It was one of those things that were terrific for me. I know Chris didn't like it. But I'm still on 2 to 1 with him, so I'm ahead of him."