*SPOILER* Rey Mysterio seriously injured after Monday Night Raw?

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*SPOILER* Rey Mysterio seriously injured after Monday Night Raw?

The episode of Monday Night Raw that aired last Monday certainly left its mark, among the various surprises that entertained WWE Universe fans; one above all the announcement of the pregnancy of Becky Lynch, who thus had to make the title of champion of the red roster vacant, effectively giving the belt to the Japanese Asuka, who has once again become champion of the WWE main roster.

After the announcement by Raw's former Women's Champion, in a backstage segment Rey Mysterio wanted to congratulate the father of the future child, Seth Rollins, with a Monday Night Messiah who did not respond with even a word to the Mexican's congratulations, coming to challenge him in the ring in a tag team match together with Buddy Murphy.

Rey Mysterio was accompanied by Aleister Black, in what could have been a peaceful tag team match, but which in the end touched a real tragedy. At some point in the match, the referee had to stop the dispute for the very bad blow suffered by Rey Mysterio with his eye against the steel steps that allow entry into the ring, obviously at the hands of Seth Rollins, who caused an apparently major injury to the Mexican athlete, who was also medicated backstage by the medical staff.

Mysterio's injury status is still listed as critical. Doctors cannot properly assess the damage to his retina until the swelling subsides, as Rey is currently at-risk for infection. We will have to see how this storyline develops.

It could be a way to get Rey Mysterio off WWE television. Odds are Mysterio will be looking for retribution whenever he does finally make a return. Mysterio is a two-time Intercontinental champion, two-time United States Champion, a four-time tag-team champion, a three-time Cruiserweight champion, and a three-time world champion.

He is also the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble and has headlined several major WWE pay-per-view events. He departed the company in 2015 and then wrestled on the independent circuit, before returning to WWE in 2018. Per WWE, Mysterio is one of the most well-known and revered performers of all time.