Adam Cole on Challenging Finn Balor

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Adam Cole on Challenging Finn Balor

Adam Cole is one of NXT’s top wrestlers and one of the most used stars in the roster right now. NXT is a very important brand for WWE these days as it is battling AEW Dynamite in the Wednesday Night Wars. Adam Cole is the current NXT Champion and one of the main attractions in the war.

Adam recently defended his title against the Velveteen Dream. Adam recently revealed that he wants to continue defending his title against multiple people to prove that he is the best champion ever. If he holds the title for a little longer, he would complete his 1 year as a champion.

Adam wants to fight Finn Balor actually. Balor held the NXT title for a previous record of 292 days. Adam has held the title for more than 340 days and easily beat Balor’s record. Adam last fought Balor in December 2019.

"There is someone that I've been thinking about recently, just because I have surpassed his record of being the longest NXT Champion. A lot of people keep bringing up Finn Bálor. They would like to see me challenge him once again for the NXT Championship," Cole announced.

"The beautiful thing is, I've defended my championship against Finn Bálor, and guess what? Adam Cole 'Bay-Bay' beat him. So, if he wants to do another match - whether it's on NXT television, whether it's at an NXT TakeOver, I'd be happy to wrestle Finn Bálor, and put to rest finally that not only did I surpass his record, but I'm a better champ than he is."

Cole also spoke about feeling threatened. "I have thought about it," Cole mentioned. "Anything can happen in WWE. Whether you're from Raw, SmackDown or NXT, I think people look at me as one of the most dominant champions in modern history. I mean look at the records I've broken and the records I've beaten.