Lio Rush on Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley

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Lio Rush on Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley

Lio Rush recently revealed that the WWE had absolutely no plans of a Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley match. Rush is the former hype man of Bobby Lashley. He made his debut with Lashley in September 2018. He used to wrestle at NXT and 205 Live.

Bobby Lashley and Lio were separated behind the scenes and they worked together for just under a year. He spoke about that part of his life on Inside The Ropes. During the same interview, he revealed that the match between Lesnar and Lashley was never part of WWE’s plans, even though it would be a great match if it happened.

"It was in me and Bobby's plans, but I don't think it was in the company's plans," Rush said. "We always brought it up, we always tried to pitch it. It felt right, you know Bobby was pretty open that he came back to the WWE because he wanted to wrestle Brock, so I felt that it was inevitable.

"I built a relationship with Paul Heyman very unexpectedly. I was in promo class at the PC when I was in NXT. Paul Heyman stood there and watched me cut my promo in promo class, and he pulled me to the side and told me how good I did and everything like that.

Then once I got to Monday Night RAW, he kind of helped out with the character a little bit and the direction of it, so I just naturally had that relationship with Paul Heyman, it was clear Bobby wanted to wrestle Brock. They're both built as these beasts with managers that could talk, so we thought that it was gonna happen but it just unfortunately never did."