Otis on Cinematic Style Matches

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Otis on Cinematic Style Matches

Otis is this year’s WWE Money in The Bank winner. He is a rising WWE star and one of the strongest and mean-looking wrestlers in the locker room. He was on Between The Ropes, and he spoke about WWE making changes during the pandemic.

He then spoke about the cinematic wrestling matches. He was asked whether he believes that WWE will hold more cinematic style matches in the future. We saw plenty of cinematic matches during WrestleMania 36. The Undertaker vs AJ Style was a Boneyard match.

"Yeah. I think everything happens for a reason," said Otis. "That's a very strong quote that I live by. That Boneyard match, I mean, I just felt like I was watching a cool thriller action movie, like big thumbs up to everybody that worked on that.

The Firefly match, our Money the Bank match. So if this pandemic which is unfortunate, super sad, we're losing lives and we've got to be careful if you go out in public and you have to wear those masks you can barely breathe in.

We've got to be careful but if that didn't happen, would these ideas spark with our creative team, our writers and producers? If this pandemic didn't, unfortunately, pan out, I don't know if you would have thought of that Boneyard match or thought of that awesome Firefly Funhouse match.

I think we could definitely be in the norm here though." The Firefly Funhouse match between John Cena and Bray Wyatt was also an attractive one. WWE might still hold the cinematic matches in the future as the fans received the WrestleMania matches well.