Clarity emerges about pandemic-related problems for Brock Lesnar, WWE

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Clarity emerges about pandemic-related problems for Brock Lesnar, WWE

In recent months, several of the talents and insiders of the WWE crew have encountered many problems related to the travels they have had to face in order to get to the Orlando-based Performance Center, to take part in the television tapings of the weekly WWE episodes, which as it is now customary of the last pandemic period, they take place entirely in the rings of the company's PC.

After the numerous problems encountered by athletes such as Edge, Paige, Daniel Bryan and all the other colleagues, however, a new truth has emerged that belies some rumours that circulated in the last period or that which saw the Canadian WWE wrestlers not being able to cross the border for taking part in the McMahon shows, with ex-WWE Champion Brock Lesnar who in fact took part in the last episodes of Monday Night Raw and in the last edition of Wrestlemania quietly, although living in Canada for several years now.

As reported by the same interested parties a few weeks ago, both, the Singh Brothers and Robert Roode would be absent from the WWE shows for having encountered these travel problems, with Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer who however denied these "rumours", with his latest update in the daily newsletter of the site, in which the well-known journalist said:

"Lesnar also lives in Canada, but with him they have been able to pull the reins, making him work.

Many other Canadian talents have moved to Florida, so it's not a problem at all." As reported by Meltzer, in fact, several other of Lesnar colleagues who hail from Canada who seem to have moved easily from there, such as Natalya and Kevin Owens, quietly took part in several episodes of Raw or in the same edition of Wrestlemania, unlike Roode or the Singhs who seem to have been simply removed from the cards of the various events because they are superfluous to the company's plans.