New details on The Undertaker’s WWE contract

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New details on The Undertaker’s WWE contract

In the backstage of the WWE company, The Undertaker together with very few other wrestlers, such as John Cena, Brock Lesnar or Triple H, have a very large political weight, coming to decide for themselves and their characters, without having to submit too much to the rules and at the wishes of Vince and the booking team, with different ideas that are in fact discarded by the protagonists themselves.

In recent years, however, The Undertaker had started to deviate somewhat from WWE and what was his hermetic Deadman character, just think that for years the WWE undertaker had not done any interview to not get out of the character and for do not spoil the aura of mystery around his character and instead in the last period the Deadman has been spotted practically in WWE every secondary broadcast or even in the most disparate studies of the USA, going to do interviews of all kinds, including personal ones.

Just a few years ago, Undertaker had also been invited and advertised for one of the editions of the American Starrcast event, where the greatest wrestlers in the world are invited to then meet fans with other colleagues.

How long will the Undertaker contract last? As usual, the Wrestling Observer has responded to it, in the words of Dave Meltzer, who revealed how Vince McMahon offered a contract of 15 years to his historic undertaker, thus making him reach the venerable age of 70 as WWE superstar, without the possibility of performing or even appearing in another federation.

At WrestleMania 36, Taker and AJ Styles fought in a secluded rural locale, in a cinematic narrative-heavy event, rather than a traditional wrestling match. Despite the assistance of Gallows and Anderson, The Undertaker would bury Styles in an empty grave to win the match.