Brodie Lee on Leaving WWE for AEW

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Brodie Lee on Leaving WWE for AEW

Brodie Lee revealed that he is quite happy working for All Elite Wrestling these days. Lee was known as Luke Harper in WWE and is a former member of the famous Wyatt Family. He was one of the most feared stars during his run in the company but WWE apparently did use him well.

Lee debuted as the leader of the Dark Order in AEW. Lee spoke about working for AEW on The Busted Open Radio. Lee wants to be known as a top performer which he probably couldn’t do it WWE. "That's the main reason why I didn't want to be in WWE anymore, it's because I knew those opportunities weren't coming," Lee said.

"No matter how hard I scratched and clawed, no matter what I proved, they weren't coming. I wasn't one of the chosen ones. Now here I am, I'm proving it myself. But now, it's like I know I'm great at professional wrestling.

I know I deserve these spots, but now I have to show up and prove that to other people. So now there's a certain pressure on me because there is no one to blame anymore. Lee stated that he loves being in the ring with the likes of Jon Moxley again.

Lee also shared the story of his debut. "March 18 was my debut," Lee said. "I'm from Rochester, New York, and the AEW show on March 18 was slated to be in Rochester, New York. So, on the eleventh I was at the gym while the show was happening, and I watched everything kind of go down.

The NBA cancelled its season. So I was one week away from debuting in my hometown in front of an AEW crowd. It was so frustrating for a minute”.