Edge is Set to Respond to Randy Orton

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Edge is Set to Respond to Randy Orton

On the 11th of May, a Monday Night RAW episode took place. During the episode, Randy Orton challenged his former best friend, Edge. Edge did not respond to Orton that night, but he will respond to Orton this week it seems. Edge recently wrote on his social media that he will answer tomorrow.

He is most likely talking about this week’s RAW. A fan that was quite angry at Edge questioned him on Twitter recently. He asked why Edge started his feud with Orton in a Last Man Standing match. "In what alternate universe do you start the feud with a Last Man Standing match and end it with a "straight up" wrestling match? Lol you should have stayed retired.

Bogus" Edge replied, "You have no idea what I have planned. And because of that you have no idea what you're talking about. Does EVERY story you've ever read or movie you've watched play out the same? Because that's sounds boring as hell to me.

So you can complain, or quit being that jaded "smart fan" and just try and enjoy something and watch the power paradigm shift and play out." Edge is known as the Rated-R superstar. He is a former WWE fan and he decided to enter the world of professional wrestling many years ago.

Edge quickly rose to the top of WWE shortly after his debut. He was very well-known for being an excellent tag-team wrestler and went on to win countless titles as a solo performer. He even entered the WWE Hall of Fame. He made his return at the most recent WWE Royal Rumble event after spending nearly 9 years away from the ring after suffering a horrific neck injury.