Chuck Liddell on Being Compared to Hulk Hogan

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Chuck Liddell on Being Compared to Hulk Hogan

Chuck Liddell is a very famous Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He is also a very popular UFC fighter and considered one of the best to ever step into the Octagon. Many people want to see him perform inside a professional wrestling ring.

Many famous UFC fighters have joined the world of professional wrestling in the past. Even the great Ronda Rousey performed inside a WWE ring and won a Women’s WWE title during her run. Chuck is quite old and many people doubt that he will ever wrestle professionally.

Christian, the famous former WWE wrestler, actually compared Chuk to Hulk Hogan during an interview. Chuck spoke about it on the Wrestling Inc. Daily. "It's a great compliment because I loved Hulk Hogan growing up," Liddell said.

"I've watched it since I was a kid. I've never been a fanatic as I don't watch it a lot. But I really became more of a fan when I met Shane McMahon. I was hanging out with him and he invited me to one of the big shows as I had never been to a big show.

I went and watched these guys do all these crazy things off the ropes and ladders. It was really big guys doing crazy stuff and that really impressed me. "It was a lot of fun. [Shane] is a wild man. We had a good time going out and hanging out."

Although Chuck did not express interest in performing as a regular competitor inside WWE, he did state that he wants to do some promotional work for the company. "I'd be interested in doing bigger shows or big events.

I'd love to do some cross-promotion with them too," said Liddell. "I don't know if I can do the all-year grind with those guys. That's a little more work than what I wanna put in these days."