Is there trouble in the marriage paradise of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella?

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Is there trouble in the marriage paradise of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella?

One of the most famous admired and successful WWE couples is certainly the one of the ex-WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and one of the Bella Twins, Brie. The two have, in fact, been married for several years and are waiting for their second child, after little Birdie, has already seen in various scenes of the reality show Total Bellas.

Apparently, however, in the last period, the two are said to be facing an unhappy and quite difficult moment, with Bryan who is away from his family because of his training and performing at the Orlando Performance Center with WWE and because he is now spending 90% of his time in the state of Florida, and has not been able to return to his family, to be with his pregnant wife and young daughter, trying as much as possible to keep his distance from them so as not to risk a potential contagion that would be harmful to the two women of the home.
Apparently, this moment is being experienced worse than it may seem by Daniel's wife who, in one of the recent episodes of Total Bellas, revealed: "So reliving some of these moments once again all together I feel that my feelings return.

You're never prepared for reality shows or what's going on. Bryan and I never wanted to stage our wedding the way it happened this season. What happens when the cameras turn on is really what's going on. It's like it's' Wow, are you and Bryan apart? Are you and Bryan really happy? '
You started asking all these questions and realized that I'm not happy.

We are distant and it evolves in a different way. But Bryan and I go forward with courage and we also show this part of our marriage because we believe that a lot of married people who have children meet this "

What is therefore evident from the interview of the former WWE athlete released on TV Insider, is that despite the very difficult moment in their married life, both she and Daniel Bryan continue to move forward with love and courage, trying to keep all the pieces of their marriage together, as every couple in the world should do.