Is a former WWE champion going to make a turnface appearance?

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Is a former WWE champion going to make a turnface appearance?

In the last weeks and months, WWE has given us several surprising returns, which have both thrilled and dampened the shows at the start of 2020, which is a year that we will surely remember for a long time. After the outbreak of the global pandemic that has hit the whole world, the federation has invested as much as possible in the most original and bizarre creative ideas possible, trying to keep its fans glued to the screen, thereby trying not to lose ground at least as regards TV ratings, given the very serious losses in the financial field, having had to cancel all the live shows that WWE holds in every part of the world and transferring all its TV shows, including PPV, at the Orlando Performance Center.

After losing millions of dollars, in fact, WWE has tried to focus everything on the purest entertainment, even using digital means to amplify and modify its recorded matches, such as Wrestlemania or Money in the Bank, succeeding in its intent, namely to make the WWE product talk for a long time.

One of the next steps that WWE is attempting to take home is a large television deal with various countries around the world, such as India, which is a still under-explored market for pro-wrestling and with the former the company's absolute champion, Jinder Mahal, who could be a key player in this situation.

According to what is reported by the Wrestling Observer, in fact, the ex-WWE Champion could soon present himself as a babyface, to try to bring as many Indian fans as possible to approach the WWE and its product, with the journalists of the Observer who have in fact declared:

"(Jinder) Mahal did a babyface interview.

He congratulated McIntyre on winning the title and stressed that the two of them formed a team. He said he learned from his mistakes and that he will redeem himself. He also added that he will return to the top on a heroic journey.

The idea has always been to try to break through the market in India with Mahal as a babyface "

Although many are not looking at it clearly, it seems clear that WWE will propose its Modern Day Maharaja as the new face of babyfaces, for try to conquer as many Indian fans as possible, bringing them closer to Vince McMahon and their product.