Mark Henry thinking of suing ex-WWE star

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Mark Henry thinking of suing ex-WWE star

In recent weeks, former WWE World Champion, Mark Henry, has ended up in a whirlwind of criticism that was initially sparked by former WWE manager and athlete, Lio Rush. The athlete who was recently released by WWE, is said to have accused the former WWE world champion and Hall of Famer of having sunk several black athletes in his stay on the WWE roster, contributing fundamentally to destroying careers and momentum of all these black athletes.

A very serious accusation, therefore, made by the former manager of Bobby Lashley against the inventor of the "Hall of Pain" Obviously, the person concerned immediately responded to the former colleague for the rhymes, through the microphones of the well-known American magazine TMZ, to which Henry replied very harshly and directly to the criticisms, announcing that he even thought of a suing for Lio Rush, if the young athlete does not make his personal apologies to Henry, saying:

"If you go to the Performance Center or at NXT, I probably think you will be able to find 25 black people with ease, with the probability that 80% of them have been helped to get there.

I mean, it's completely the opposite. He knows that I have a lot of attention on me. I have a lot of followers and he releases albums and songs, or whatever and so tries to draw attention to himself. Trying to make a fuss.

If he had called me, I would have been able to help him, definitely in another way. We would have worked on it. I would have really talked to him, we would have made the news, but now he has really said something slanderous. And you can't question my black pride.

How no one can doubt it, putting my black being at stake. No, I don't allow it. To nobody. My lawyer went to Harvard. I don't know what kind of lawyers he has, but I have these Ivy League people close to me and I'm really furious.
He must apologize."

Apparently, once again, ex-WWE athlete Lio Rush has had some furious ex-colleague, as has already happened several times in the WWE backstage, with his comments seeming out of place and quite partisan, and the Hall of Famer Mark Henry hasn't digested the thing and apparently won't let it go smoothly this time.