Update on Drew Gulak’s Contract

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Update on Drew Gulak’s Contract

Before the pandemic started, WWE was trying its best to stop its talents from leaving the company. It was done primarily to stop All Elite Wrestling from signing wrestlers. All Elite Wrestling already signed some very popular indie and WWE wrestlers during the past year.

WWE’s stance over keeping talent has changed since the pandemic started. They are now open the wrestlers leaving the company. They in fact fired some of their wrestlers and officials about a month ago. Drew Gulak is another wrestler whose contract expired recently.

He was moved to the Alumni section of WWE after the 15th of May. Gulak was actually looking to get a raise from the WWE officials. Reportedly, WWE did not give him a raise. They instead pulled the contract that was on the table that that is when, reportedly, the negotiations stopped.

Dave Meltzer recently reported that the deal is not dead yet. Meltzer reported that Barry Bloom is the one that is currently representing Drew at the negotiation table. This means that we may see him still perform in WWE even after all of this if they can negotiate a WWE deal.

Drew Gulak started his WWE career back in 2016. He started wrestling as a 205 Live wrestler and was an average star. He won he Cruiserweight title during his WWE run but could never be the center of attraction for WWE at any point in time.

Even though Drew is not a top draw, he is still one of the experienced and fairly well-known faces in WWE right now. He also has a number of fans and is active on social media.