Sami Zayn calls out WWE about making his Intercontinental Champion title vacant

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Sami Zayn calls out WWE about making his Intercontinental Champion title vacant

Sami Zayn is no longer the Intercontinental Champion: we have known this for some time now, with WWE making the belt vacant ending the first reign titled on the Canadian main roster. The first two matches valid for the reassignment of the title have already taken place in SmackDown, while the Underdog from the Underground was still absent because of personal choices (which seem to have raised questions about his stay in WWE, which several of his colleagues seem to share but which, at the same time, are said to have changed the way in which the wrestlers are dealing with their relationship with the leadership in recent times).

In all this, we already know the schedule of the reassignment of the title (which also includes someone who currently has nothing to do with SmackDown ), but Sami Zayn has seen it himself and for the first time, he expressed his thoughts on the subject via Twitter.

He did not shy away from criticising the WWE" "I am the Intercontinental Champion. Period. With the exception of Shinsuke, these men have no self-respect, and it says a lot about them that they were willing to participate in this tournament, to begin with.

Disappointed in all of them." Zayn's seems to be a very interesting post because it seems that it is a "shoot" (or words that the Canadian really thinks), rather resembling part of a storyline that will see him claim the title once he returns.

The hope is that it is precisely this, which would put an end to all doubts about his fate in the company, including the hypothesis of farewell due to recent events. But we'll see how the situation evolves.