Deonna Purrazzo on Performing in an Empty Arena

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Deonna Purrazzo on Performing in an Empty Arena

Deonna is a former WWE wrestler. She used to work for NXT. She performed for WWE during the pandemic and is one of the many stars that fought inside empty arenas during the pandemic. Purrazzo was released in April. Her last match was against Nia Jax, who made her return a few months ago.

She spoke about performing in an empty arena on the Wrestling Inc. Daily. "You know, I think indie people thrive in this environment as silly as it sounds because some of my first matches ever were in front of three people which might be more embarrassing than no people [laughs].

So, it was never really a question of could I wrestle in front of no one because I've done it before," said Purrazzo. "It's more so the anxiety of, 'Ok, are they gonna like what we're doing or are we gonna have to re-shoot it' because we can re-shoot it."

Purrazzo also spoke about never feeling unsafe about performing at WWE during the pandemic. "I never felt unsafe because I felt that this was my job and what I have to do and I'm getting paid for it. There's a lot of people that need a job and aren't getting paid so I'm grateful for that.

But on the flip side, I thought it was very presumptuous to be asking people to make that choice – do you wanna work or do you not? To say, 'Oh, it won't be held against you' but we all know how wrestling works and it probably will. It was just a really sticky situation for people to navigate," admitted Purrazzo.