Martha Hart on Owen Hart’s Failed Stunt

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Martha Hart on Owen Hart’s Failed Stunt

Martha Hart spoke about the legendary, Owen Hart on CBS Sports recently. Hart was Martha’s husband. Owen Hart died on May 23, 1999. He died after his stunt at the WWE Over The Edge PPV that year failed. Martha Hart believes that WWE is responsible for his death.

He fell nearly 80 feet before he hit the ring and shortly died after it. Martha stated that WWE tried to cut costs and that is the reason why the stunt actually failed. According to her, the people that were responsible for the stunt were unqualified, The original rigger, Joe Branam refused to do the stunt.

Bobby Talbert as the "hacker" was the person hired to do the stunt. Joe Rranam was an expert rigger and did it quite a number of times during his career. "First of all, the stunt itself was so negligent," Hart said.

"They hired hackers they knew would do anything they wanted when they knew that proper riggers they had hired in the past had told them, 'We won't do this kind of stunt, it's not safe.' Everything about that stunt was done wrong.

The entire set-up was wrong. The equipment was wrong -- the harness, for example, was meant for dragging people behind a car. It was a stunt harness, but it wasn't meant to suspend someone 80 feet above the ground. "What was happening to Owen when he was sitting in that harness is, his circulation was getting cut off and he couldn't breathe.

Then, the snap shackle that they used, that snap shackle is not meant for rigging humans. It's meant for the sole use of rigging sailboats. It's a sailboat clip that, by design, is meant to open on load. By the very design of the stunt, it was meant to fail, because the weight of Owen on that clip actually made it more likely it would open spontaneously."