Paige: "Quarantine has got me in a bathing suit"

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Paige: "Quarantine has got me in a bathing suit"

Life in lockdown does not seem to be all that complicated, after all. Among those who have found a way to have a good time, is Paige, who no longer lives in Norwich in England but has settled in sunny Florida. And in these weeks of compulsory segregation at home, she has certainly not got caught up in bad thoughts.

She re-affirmed this in a post published on Instagram basically admitting that she has spent almost all her time sunbathing so much that she joked she has forgotten how to dress. Sharing an image of herself in a bathing suit on Instagram, the former Divas' Champion (also known for her recent experience as General Manager of SmackDown) sported a decidedly sensual and aggressive two-piece, explaining in more detail her recent activities during this very complicated period for many.

"Quarantine got me in a bathing suit 80% of the time. (Which is very unusual for me) Probably the most tanned I’ve ever been 😅 swipe for the real treat though. 😂" she explained adding an emoji that underlines how much this "emergency" ( evidently not lived by her as such) has actually amused and relaxed her.

The world of wrestling has seen several shake-ups during this tough time and several WWE wrestler have also been let-go by the company.