Shane McMahon: Undertaker's mother once scolded me

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Shane McMahon: Undertaker's mother once scolded me

The history of WWE is studded with the most improbable friendships, with the talents of the McMahon roster who many times make friends by working together even if perhaps on-screen they bring characters completely opposite to each other and are also perhaps bitter enemies in the federation storyline.

One of the most striking examples in the history of the federation in this sense is the friendship of years that linked JBL and the late Mexican talent Eddie Guerrero, who were great friends in real life, but in the ring they gave it up for good reason, having JBL play the racist Texan gimmick against Mexicans.

One of the wrestlers who was hit most of all by the death of the Hall of Famer WWE, was, in fact, JBL, despite still carrying on-screen in his character of inveterate racist. Another of the strange friendships that have been created over the years in the WWE backstage is that between Vince McMahon's eldest son, Shane, and the federation's, The Undertaker, with Vince's son who practically grew up with the presence of the Deadman in every single WWE show and who has built a friendship that has lasted for decades with him.

In his latest interview with ESPN's microphones, Shane McMahon also spoke of a particular and hilarious anecdote of a few years ago, in which the mother of The Undertaker, visibly upset by the stiff shots Shane had given her son in a corner on the rings of the WWE took Shane by the arm, and scolded him loudly.

Vince's eldest son said, "She clung to me with both arms and stood in front of me. She said to me in perfect Texan style, 'You know, you've always been one of my favourites. Anyway... you hit my son right in the eye and you made him bleed.

You lost a couple of notches in my book.' She was scolding me for that moment of the last Monday Night Raw before Wrestlemania where we were challenging each other."