Former WWE champion Jon Moxley says he appreciated Wrestlemania 36 a lot

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Former WWE champion Jon Moxley says he appreciated Wrestlemania 36 a lot

Just over a year ago, Dean Ambrose disappeared definitively from the world wrestling scene, after a farewell to the WWE that was full of controversy and with the subsequent passage into AEW with the renewed identity of Jon Moxley.

The athlete from Cincinnati, who became famous as a member of the Shield, explained in great detail the reasons that had led him to give up a certain job and a lavish salary to embark on a new adventure. He was unsparing in fierce criticism that was addressed to his old employer Vince McMahon and more generally at WWE.

A hatred that, after a year, seems to have left room for a much softer approach by the current AEW Champion. Jon Moxley granted an exclusive interview to Sean Ross Sapp of '', in which he admitted not only to having seen WrestleMania 36, ​​but also to have appreciated it very much: "Yes, I have seen it all, both the evenings, and it amused me a lot," he said.

"I think it was very, very smooth and that many people made a bunch just to stage performances of the highest level." Moxley, then, decided to go into specifics too. "I really liked the Boneyard Match, I think it was cool.

Really, it was really cool, because Undertaker is a character loved by everyone. In practice, it is as if he were a comic book character, one we have loved since we were little. A kind of John Wayne or John McClane [the character played in the 'Die Hard' saga by Bruce Willis]. Or at least a hero of an action movie. I think anyone really liked such a thing."