Another huge name leaves the WWE backstage

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Another huge name leaves the WWE backstage

Just a few weeks ago, we reported the big wave of releases that WWE had to make to deal with economic problems that arose from the global pandemic that also hit the federation of Stamford. These cuts also included important characters such as Kurt Angle, Mike Chioda, Rusev or Zack Ryder.

Apparently, layoffs for WWE would not end. It is fresh news yesterday, in fact, that which also sees the manager Michael Mansury, Vice President of global television production, having left the company since last week. The executive who gave up his role in WWE would have been designated by many as the "next Kevin Dunn" for many years and in his long journey with WWE had become a key member of Triple H's development project, especially with NXT, making it according to someone, even the right arm of The Game.

The news emerged only yesterday, from the pages of the well-known overseas website of the PWInsider, which confirmed that the departure of the executive had been widely "advertised" by Mansury himself, who had already communicated to the company for several months that he wanted to leave the month of May, which eventually happened.

The company have been broadcasting their weekly 'live' shows from their Performance Centre for a number of weeks now, albeit in a pre-taped form. But this week, they switched back to live broadcasting. That was initially in direct conflict with state-wide orders issued by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but DeSantis later clarified the lockdown measures, and deemed WWE an "essential" business, delivering entertainment to a nation suffering under the crisis.