Former WWE star goes missing with son after dive into the beach

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Former WWE star goes missing with son after dive into the beach

A news report has indicated at a rather frightening situation, which concerns an ex-WWE Superstar Shad Gaspard, a former member of the Cryme Tyme together with his teammate JTG, which occurred only a few minutes ago. In the last few hours, in fact, the former WWE roster member, seen for some time alongside former WWE Champion John Cena, is said to have disappeared in the waters of Venice Beach, together with his 10-year-old son.

Apparently, the former wrestler hailing from the McMahon federation stable is reported to have dived with other friends into the beach of the charming town in the state of California. When the athlete's family did not see Shad resurface together with the boy, they began to get worried and called the local authorities.

Apparently, according to news coming from overseas, at the moment the group of friends has not yet re-emerged, with the imaginable anxiety that only such a situation can cause, which is making the area authorities work harder.

According to reports from the well-known American site TMZ, some witnesses of the incident said that Shad initially emerged from the waters to warn the lifeguards to save his son, and then disappeared completely into the waters of the Pacific Ocean, without resurfacing again.

Apparently, father and son were accompanied by Shad's wife to the beach. It was she, who first raised the alarm. If news or updates arrive on the matter, we will obviously share them with you on this news board.