WWE: Worries mount for news about former star Shad Gaspard's disappearance

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WWE: Worries mount for news about former star Shad Gaspard's disappearance

The news that unfortunately bounces off America and that concerns Shad Gaspard, the unfortunate athlete who has not been heard for over 24 hours, is starting to take on the tragedy. Already known as a member of Cryme Tyme (he fought in pairs with JTG), the former WWE Superstar is lost at sea and with the inevitable passage of time, unfortunately, pessimism about his destiny is also increasing.

There is no definite information about Shad Gaspard from 4 pm on Sunday afternoon when he was at sea with his son and the two were surprised by an abnormal wave in Venice Beach. At that time it appears that he asked for help, which arrived on time, but that at his specific request they initially dealt with the boy, who is just 10 years old.

Gaspard's son has since been found. Lifeguards lost sight of the 39-year-old Shad, who then never reappeared. Emergency relief started immediately, but for several hours they searched in vain for the poor athlete. While the wrestling world is waiting for official news, the two main managers of the 'Wrestling Observer' have continued to provide updates on the delicate situation.

The first was Dave Meltzer, who on Twitter informed that he had learned from a friend who is in Venice Beach that the situation "is not going well" A few hours later, Bryan Alvarez also intervened, who provided an even more dramatic update: speaking to 'Wrestling Observer Live' he said he had received a message from a person who is in Venice Beach and that the searches were even suspended.

We hope that somehow the sources heard by the highly authoritative Meltzer and Alvarez, however, have been inaccurate or even provided wrong news. And of course, we are waiting and hoping that Brad Shepard will be rescued.