Martha Hart on Owen Hart’s Hall of Fame Induction

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Martha Hart on Owen Hart’s Hall of Fame Induction

Martha Hart is currently promoting the new "Dark Side of the Ring" season. The finale of the season will air on VICE. The episode will be covering the death of the late great Owen Hart. Owen was the brother of Bret Hart and the two brothers were great performers.

Many of their fans still consider them to be some of the best performers in the history of WWE. Martha spoke about Owen’s death and holds WWE responsible for his death. Statements by Bret Hart and WWE’s attorney, Jerry McDevitt followed her recent comments.

Martha spoke about her relationship with Bret and also spoke about whether or not she wants Owen in WWE’s Hall of Fame. "I would never let a company I held responsible for Owen's death, try to honor him, especially with a fake Hall of Fame that doesn't even really exist," Martha said.

"And there's not even a hallway of fame. It's not real. It doesn't exist. There's no place you can go and visit and it's there. "It's just all made up and make-believe and it's all done for the sole purpose of making money because they just have a show where they have a celebration and you know, it's just absurd."

Owen Hart’s death was a very tragic one. He fell nearly 80 feet to his death when a stunt that he was about to perform failed badly. He attempted to come down from the rafters into the ring, but according to Martha, WWE tried to cut costs and didn’t use the services of a professional rigger. Even though he died, WWE continued the PPV and they received a massive amount of heat due to it.