Brodie Lee on HIs Influencers

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Brodie Lee on HIs Influencers

Brodie Lee is a famous former WWE superstar. He was part of the Wyatt Family, which was the most feared WWE factions in the past. It was led by the talented Bray Wyatt, who went on to win multiple WWE titles. Brodie Lee was known as Luke Harper and he was a famous Indie Wrestler before he joined WWE.

He left the WWE and is now part of All Elite Wrestling. He is the leader of the Dark Order. He will be fighting Jon Moxley at the AEW Double of Nothing PPV event for the AEW World Title. Just like many other WWE superstars, Lee is a fan of a few former wrestlers and that is where he takes his inspiration from.

"Look at Fit Finlay," Lee said. "He didn't waste a moment of movement in that ring. Finlay and William Regal, those were my two biggest inspirations, and whether it's grabbing a guy's face to move him or the way they hit people in such distinct, beautiful motion, neither of those guys wasted a moment.

So to me, if it doesn't look right, it bothers me." Lee also spoke about doubting himself in WWE. He couldn’t control his own narrative and that really bothered him in WWE. He stated that he has no excuse now that he is not in WWE anymore.

"Self-doubt played a huge role in my life for a long time in WWE," Lee said. "It makes you doubt who you are and what you are. I knew that I was a great professional wrestler and I knew I was one of the better ones in the locker room, and I had coworkers telling me that.

But that wasn't the decision that was made. I knew I was better than that, and that's why I needed to get out of that environment."