New revelations emerge about Owen Hart's death in Over the Edge PPV

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New revelations emerge about Owen Hart's death in Over the Edge PPV

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about the younger brother of the WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, the late Owen, who died in tragic circumstances during the WWE Pay-Per-View (PPV) Over the Edge, who fell from the roof of the arena where the event was being held, due to a probable malfunction of a cable that was to accompany it to the ground.

Over 20 years after Owen's tragic end, his wife Martha talked about her husband on Chris Jericho's On Talk is Jericho podcast. Martha Hart revealed why her husband never abandoned the (then) World Wrestling Federation (WWF) to follow his brother in WCW, thus meeting his tragic fate.

Apparently, in the last few hours, an even more surprising truth has emerged, with Dave Meltzer reporting on Wrestling Observer that the initial idea of the management at WWE was the presence of a second athlete who had to get off the rope with Owen Hart.

That wrestler was to be Max Mini. The Mexican wrestler who suffers from dwarfism and who was seen in the WWF rings for a short time had to go down to Owen Hart's arms, with Meltzer saying:

"Originally they wanted Max Mini, the dwarf, the mini – they wanted Owen to carried in his arms at the same time as he went down, but he said no.

The answer was 'Absolutely not'
Owen wanted to reject the whole angle, but he had already rejected several other angles and thought that if he said no once again they would completely sink him. I don't think they would ever fire him because he was very talented that he could be fired for such an angle.

WWE surely wouldn't have been happy and they would have said something like 'This guy doesn't want to do business.' "

By pure chance, therefore, even the Mexican athlete did not lose his life, in one of the tragedies that will be remembered for life, linked to the world of pro-wrestling.