Jim Cornette slams Becky Lynch for pregnancy; husband Seth Rollins lashes out

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Jim Cornette slams Becky Lynch for pregnancy; husband Seth Rollins lashes out

The happy news that had opened last week, that Becky Lynch is pregnant and will take a long break from wrestling until a date is set for her comeback, has led to chatter in the world of wrestling, both among fans and insiders.

One of the very few who is not happy with the news is former WWE manager, booker and executive, Jim Cornette, who immediately after the announcement of The Man fired shots on the couple's decision to have a child at the moment.

In one of his last podcasts, Cornette also made several unhappy jokes about Lynch's pregnancy, condemning the moment when the two made the decision to become parents.
After listening to the comments of the historical protagonist of the world of wrestling, a rather angry Seth Rollins spoke with After The Bell.

Becky Lynch's Husband Seth Rollins Responds

In the interview, Rollins' whose anger seems to be justified, said, "It hurt my feelings personally because Jim Cornette is someone I consider a legend in our industry and someone I have personally known and with whom I have worked with since the time of the Ring of Honor.

And for me listening to those really negative things, something really misogynistic about women in general and about pregnancy in our industry is something that bothers me and begins to make me lose respect for these people, so once upon a time, I carried a lot of respect.
This is something I'm really proud of, of my fiancée Becky, of what she's doing."

Continuing, he added, "Look, she's 33 years old, so once you turn 35 you start to have major risks during pregnancy, so you have an incredible and tough decision in front of you.
She is the most talented woman I have ever seen in my entire life and the most important thing now is she is fine with pregnancy, making money and doing everything in peace.

So everything Jim Cornette said is completely meaningless, not just for her but for all the women in the world." This is Becky Lynch and Rollins' first child together.