Undertaker talks about Montreal Screwjob, his anger at Vince McMahon

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Undertaker talks about Montreal Screwjob, his anger at Vince McMahon

Legend has it that in the minutes following the infamous Montreal Screwjob when Shawn Michaels' victory over Bret Hart in the Survivor Series of 1997 (with the passage of the WWF Champion title), one of the most furious in the locker room was Undertaker.

And the Deadman decided to talk about that very difficult evening, telling how he reacted towards Vince McMahon. "That whole affair made me very angry," he confessed in his speech for The Bill Simmons Podcast, "because they gave me the impression of being able to use me for anything that came in handy.

But I do business in a completely different way, and I would have handled that situation in a completely different way." Undertaker also stressed how high the contempt for WCW within the WWF of those years, and to have tried to do everything possible so as not to exacerbate the tones in those very complicated weeks.

Undertaker on how he dealt with the difference of opinion

"I thought that I could give a hand to resolve that grain, which then occurred anyway. At that point, I just wanted to talk to Bret Hart, but first I had to calm down.

I also wanted to confront Vince McMahon, but I know I was so furious with him that I could break out any minute," he confessed. Years later, however, he manages to think of those events from a much more detached point of view: "I like to try to think of the reasons of both sides, to get a broader picture of the situation.

Anyway, when finally I talked to Vince I told him that if... like that had to happen, then I wanted to be informed too. Because you cannot go so low without the knowledge of those who work for you. And he proved me right."

At that point, in essence, the relationships between Vince and Undertaker were resolved and even those between the latter and Bret Hart remained solid anyway: "He and I are still very good friends today. I think in any case that everyone could behave differently that evening.

But they still gave birth to one of the greatest and most famous wrestling stories of that era and that decade, the Montreal Screwjob."