Does Undertaker have a fear of cucumbers: No, says the legend

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Does Undertaker have a fear of cucumbers: No, says the legend

Even WWE Superstars, like all human beings, suffer from phobias, fears or anxiety attacks, just like any normal human being. Previously, there were reports of Lars Sullivan who was forced to step away from the company because of large panic attacks that prevented him from taking part in the WWE shows.

Now, we will talk about an even more bizarre and above all funny news, trying to soften the pain of the loss of Shad Gaspard, trying to give a smile to play down the moment. According to several insiders who for years worked with The Undertaker in the various backstages of the WWE shows, the company's Deadman suffers from a real phobia of cucumbers and he would run away even if he could smell the produce.

Speaking on the Pardon My Take program, Undertaker talked about this phobia of his and said, he did not have a real phobia, revealing: "Ok, let's try to be clear once and for all. We had a nice conversation. I am not afraid of cucumbers.

I just don't like cucumbers. If I find them in front of me, I would probably leave the room. I wouldn't run away. If they are whole, it is one thing. If instead they are cut, puah!" A rather bizarre nuisance for one of the most frightening and imposing characters in the history of pro-wrestling, who almost like in a cartoon runs away in front of a cucumber, like an elephant does in front of a mouse.