WWE now saying Sami Zayn is injured

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WWE now saying Sami Zayn is injured

In recent weeks one of the many athletes who have disappeared from WWE TV screens responds to the name of Sami Zayn. The current Intercontinental champion, who apparently had the title eradicated because of the long absence that the wrestler himself would have decided to take, has not been seen for several weeks for a personal choice.

WWE initially endorsed this choice, but eventually decided to raise the title to Zayn, establishing a tournament to be held in Smackdown, with which to crown a new secondary champion of the blue show on Friday night. Initially, the federation found several excuses for the absence of its champion.

WWE had initially revealed how the athlete had to work to raise a wisdom tooth, then put the "problem" back on some personal commitments of the Canadian and now apparently the reasons would still be different. The management has now communicated the injury (never happened to Sami), with his Canadian wrestler who would be so kept out of the scene for an alleged physical problem, which in reality does not exist, only to gild the pill to the fans.

Zayn achieved much success in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) as a two-time PWG World Champion and five-time World Tag Team Champion. He is the only person to have won both of PWG's annual tournaments, the Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament in 2010 and the Battle of Los Angeles in 2011.

He has also held the ROH World Television Championship and the ROH World Tag Team Championship with Kevin Steen, with whom he later earned the 2010 Feud of the Year award from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He is also a two-time IWS World Heavyweight Champion for the Montreal-based International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS).

Having wrestled internationally, he won the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship in Germany and DDT Pro-Wrestling's KO-D Openweight Championship in Japan.