Sonya Deville expresses interest in playing Batwoman in TV series

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Sonya Deville expresses interest in playing Batwoman in TV series

The Marvel Universe and the DC Universe are two worlds now perennially in full expansion, with thousands and thousands of protagonists who every month come out printed on comics, in new TV series or in films (even if for a long time in the cinema world, not we'll see nothing).

One of the TV roles that is being discussed a lot these days is that of the Batwoman. It was a role that until recently had been played on the small screen by the actress Ruby Rose. After shooting the entire first season of the Batwoman TV series, the actress finally decided to abandon the project.

Could Sonya Deville be the new Batwoman?

After learning about the news, WWE star Mandy Rose's former tag team partner, Sonya Deville, immediately jumped on the chance to try out for the role of Batwoman and sent her application on social media, hoping to be noticed by those who take decisions for DC.

In the last few hours, Sonya has indeed expressed all her love for the universe of superheroes, sharing her thoughts on social media, especially on Twitter. In a tweet, Deville tagged almost everyone she considered could help her get the part.

"Give me a shot at Batwoman. [😎] [🌈] [🖤] @carolinedries @RachieSkarsten @GBerlanti @Variety @DEADLINE @THR @enews @CWBatwoman @TheCW" – her tweet read. Later, Screen Rant's published an article noting that she, too, was in the mix for the role with this tweet: "#Batwoman season 2 will see a new actress take over for the departing Ruby Rose, but who should it be? From established talents like Stephanie Beatriz and Kate McKinnon to more unknowns such as Ashley Platz, there are plenty of great options for The CW..."

The WWE wrestler responded to this tweet with the smiling-face-with-sunglasses emoji. We will see if Sonya Deville will make a good impression with those who are in charge of the cast of the TV series considering how many of her colleagues' careers – from the Rock and John Cena to Batista – have been established in the world of cinema, away from the wrestling ring.