Rumours continue to do the rounds about The Undertaker's retirement

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Rumours continue to do the rounds about The Undertaker's retirement

When we talk about The Undertaker we are certainly dealing with one of the greatest characters on the planet Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), a wrestler who, in addition to being a great fighter, has fascinated millions of fans with his story, a story well imprinted in most of all of us.

The Undertaker made its debut in Raw since its very first episode of January 11, 1993, taking part in the inaugural edition of the show, and remained the last active wrestler from start to finish.

Is The Undertaker Retiring?

Now on the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment Network the special docu-series "Undertaker: Last Ride" is going on stage and everyone is now wondering if this is the prelude to the retirement of the Phenom or will continue for at least another match.

Last week AJ Styles appeared troubled in Raw after seeing a video of the documentary on Undertaker and the athlete seems to be the main favourite for a possible last match of the champion. What WWE sources reveal is that nobody knows what the federation really has in mind and the only ones who know the future of the WWE wrestler are his wife Michelle McCool and probably Vince McMahon.

During an interview with ESPN, The Undertaker refused to answer the question about his future and in particular, he avoided saying if the last episode of The Last Ride also revealed his announcement of withdrawal. If the legend does retire, it will be another name in the exodus from WWE although others have been let go by the company and The Undertaker will have taken the decision voluntarily.