Is Vince McMahon's uncertainty affecting Shayna Baszler's WWE future?

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Is Vince McMahon's uncertainty affecting Shayna Baszler's WWE future?

There is a Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) main roster Superstar who for several months has been waiting for a definitive explosion that seems never to come, and the responsibility for this missed explosion seems to be attributed to Vince McMahon.

The wrestler in concern is Shayna Baszler, who according to the news coming in from America is deeply esteemed by RAW's executive director, Paul Heyman, while she cannot fully convince the company's Chairman. Her case was recently dealt with by the 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter', in which it was mentioned that Cagefighter was destined to win both the women's Royal Rumble and the recent women's Money in the Bank, although in both cases, the results have been modified.

at the last moment or almost.

The Reason for Shayna Baszler's under-utilisation?

The source does not explain whether this was because of the discovery of Becky Lynch's pregnancy or not, but the fact remains that there are disagreements about her fate in particular between Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman, with the latter pushing to make it champion and the Boss who would be far from convinced.

The feeling, however, explains the Observer, is that during 2020 Shayna Baszler must, in any case, conquer the title of Raw champion at some point, even if this continues to be linked to the will of Vince McMahon. That, on this specific topic, he is said to have already changed his mind several times.