WWE has ambitious plans for Jeff Hardy, says brother Matt Hardy

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WWE has ambitious plans for Jeff Hardy, says brother Matt Hardy

Brothers Divided: Matt Hardy, as we know, left Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW) not too long ago, just as Jeff Hardy's return to great levels was being built with great anticipation in Stamford, with his "reconstruction"

Where will Jeff Hardy's future lead though? Needless to say, it was Brother Matt himself who spoke about it. The latter recently spoke to the microphones of the 'New York Post' to talk about the continuation of the career of the younger brother, suggesting that the two will not reunite soon: indeed, the current adventure in Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment could continue for a long time.

What are WWE's Plans for Jeff Hardy?

Matt Hardy has, in fact, revealed that Jeff's contract with Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment is destined to continue "for a fairly eternal period", not even trying to hide the confirmation of what is already being perceived at SmackDown: namely that Stamford's management plans for this Jeff Hardy " rebuilt "are very ambitious.

Meanwhile, the Charismatic Enigma is expected to be one of the first big crossroads since he returned to active wrestling: the challenge with Sheamus valid for the reassignment tournament of the title of Intercontinental Champion.

The challenge between the two will take place this Friday night and will already allow us to guess how solid the plans regarding good Jeff Hardy are.