WWE may cancel House Shows forever

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WWE may cancel House Shows forever

WWE, as we know, is no longer traveling around the world: the ongoing health emergency has forced the company to move all the shows to Florida, precisely to the Orlando Performance Center. In the meantime, a rumor arrives from America that if confirmed would be surprising: someone claims that WWE live events may not even start again.

To drop the bomb was Bryan Alvarez, who during the highly followed and highly respected 'Wrestling Observer Live' recalled how nine producers were put under contract in WWE, which due to the absence of tours around the States and the world are basically without work to do, but that despite this in Stamford they are realizing that the new situation allows us to work better on Raw and SmackDown.

"Already before the emergency Coronavirus had drastically reduced the number of Live Events, but now it could be that they resume doing house shows, sooner or later, but it could also be that they will not do more", Alvarez explained.

During WWE’s 1st quarter 2020 financial call, Vince McMahon discussed the WWE will do following the COVID-19 outbreak. He said that the company might not be doing events like they used to. He stated that “there is a different learned behavior in terms of the consumer.

If anyone can figure it out we will”. McMahon is being realistic and does not expect live events to play a big role in the future. He added that there will be more content-oriented events and not live events. “It is a creative environment is the way I look at it”.

Earlier this year, WWE made even further reductions to the number of house shows in a move that reportedly upset its superstars due to the negative effect it had on their pay.