Other WWE superstars will stay out indefinitely

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Other WWE superstars will stay out indefinitely

After the sensational self-exclusion from Roman Reigns' WWE programs, who deliberately moved away from the WWE TV screens to safeguard his own health and that of his family, Sami Zayn also preferred to stay at home in this pandemic period, despite being the Intercontinental champion.

On the March 13th episode of SmackDown, Sami Zayn began a feud with Daniel Bryan, during which Bryan and Drew Gulak faced Zayn's Artist Collective partners Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro in various matches. Eventually, Bryan and Zayn would face each other at WrestleMania 36, where Zayn defeated Bryan to retain the title.

His reign would end at 65 days on May 12, when he was stripped from the championship after refraining from competing during the COVID-19 pandemic. After seeing the title been eradicated by the WWE leadership in recent weeks, the situation around Sami Zayn has appeared more and more nebulous, with its future that has seemed to hang in the balance in recent times.

Apparently, however, the two WWE wrestlers would not be the only "disappeared" from circulation, with three other wrestlers who have not seen each other on a WWE show for quite some time. We are talking about Robert Roode and the Singh Brothers, who have not appeared on the weekly federation shows for several weeks.

The reason for their absence would be found in the ban on entering America on American soil by order of President Trump. Prohibition that it would be extended for another month and that would therefore force the three athletes to stay in their homes in Canada, without being able to go to work in the USA.

Apparently, as reported in recent weeks, one of the wrestlers who lives in Canada but who had no problems with customs according to the Wrestling Observer, would have been Brock Lesnar, who participated in Wrestlemania 36 without any problems, probably helped by WWE.