Kofi Kingston on having the New Day to help lift him up

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Kofi Kingston on having the New Day to help lift him up

Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship once, four times the Intercontinental Championship, three times the United States Championship, four times the Raw Tag Team Championship (twice with Big E and Xavier Woods, once with Evan Bourne and once with R- Truth), five times the SmackDown Tag Team Championship (a single with Big E and four with the same Big E and Xavier Woods) and once the World Tag Team Championship (with CM Punk); he is also the 30th Triple Crown Champion and the 13th WWE Grand Slam Champion.

He is the first African-born world champion in WWE history as well as its 30th Triple Crown Champion and 20th overall Grand Slam Champion (13th under the current format). In addition, Kingston himself holds the singular record for most days spent as a Tag Team Champion within WWE and is also known for innovative ways of suspending his elimination from Royal Rumble and battle royal matches.

With the exception of a few months spent as a villain in 2015 with The New Day, Kingston has been a heroic character for almost the entirety of his WWE career.

Kofi Kingston on the New Day boosting his morale

On the latest Swerve City Podcast, the former WWE superstar reflected on having the New Day to help lift him up: “It’s important in a lot of ways … I think you need people like I think we were talking about, to uplift you.

And especially with like — particularly with Woods and E, we went through so many ups and downs, you know. We had a vision of what we wanted to be. That idea got rejected, you know, we had to come back and come through with something else.

We went back into Vince’s office, tweaked whatever he wanted to have us do. This was a process of about five to six months. Every week, going into his office and presenting something, and then shooting stuff on our own.

And then you know, taking that, Woods would compile it up and give it to Vince. And then he’d see it and go, ‘Well, we want you to do this.’ So then we just had to keep on tweaking, keep on tweaking," Kingston.

"And then the end result was us being preachers which were not at all what we wanted to do. But that was the opportunity that we had, you know what I’m saying? So if I didn’t have those guys — you need to have somebody to get you through the ups and downs because it can be a — number one, a lonely business," Kofi Kingston, also commented.