Craig DeGeorge on the Fame of Hulk Hogan

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Craig DeGeorge on the Fame of Hulk Hogan

Craig DeGeorge is a former WWE host and interviewer. He worked for WWE many years ago and was with the company during WrestleMania 3. WrestleMania 3 is one of the most important WrestleMania’s in the history of WWE. WrestleMania is where Hulk Hogan made a name for himself and became a household name.

Hulk Hogan is a WWE Hall of Famer and has fought some of the best wrestlers in the world. His match with Andre The Giant is one of the most well-known matches in the history of professional wrestling. Craig DeGeorge spoke about Hulk Hogan recently.

Before working for WWE, he worked for other promotions. However, he stated that the environment of WrestleMania was unlike anything that he had ever seen.

What does Hulk Hogan mean to Craig DeGeorge?

"Look, I've been to every major sporting event.

I've covered everything. I will put up Hulk Hogan coming to the ring, Real American playing, in a packed house... That moment, the excitement of that crowd... I will put that up against any event I've ever been around," said DeGeorge.

"I'm not just talking about WrestleMania III. I'm talking about Thursday night at the Buffalo Auditorium or the Kiel Center in Saint Louis... If I was on the podium to interview him and that music hit or in the crowd for one of his matches, I'd put that excitement up against anything!

It truly was the golden era! I didn't realize it at the time but I knew we were hot. I mean, just the recognition I was getting. I was only on TV for a few weeks and people already knew my name!" He then shared his story about rejoining WWE when XFL started.

Craig DeGeorge, said, "I did not want to leave the WWF when I did. It was a very quick exit. I was surprised because I thought they liked what I did. And, I know it wasn't anything personal with Vince McMahon because he later hired me for the XFL," said DeGeorge.

"Vince was kind of like a hard coach. I loved working for him. Growing up as a kid from Long Island never dreaming of being involved in wrestling, he was a great person to work for and very insightful. To get to know him and work with him was a great experience."