Seth Rollins on why The Undertaker gimmick is too old to be true

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Seth Rollins on why The Undertaker gimmick is too old to be true

After several interviews outside of his own character, the character of The Undertaker seems to have "humanized" a bit, after several years in which he did not take part even in some tv shows not related to WWE, so as not to get out of his character and therefore not to ruin the halo of mystery around the Deadman personal, working in Vince McMahon's company.

After several years in which his gimmick has been literally sewn onto him, in recent times, The Undertaker has finally managed to get some pebbles from his shoe, being able to unbutton a bit in public, something never seen until about ten years ago.

To talk about his mysterious and legendary character in the WWE rings, ex-WWE and Universal Champion of the Federation, Seth Rollins explained in his appearance at After The Bell how the Undertaker gimmick could never work nowadays.

Why The Undertaker Gimmick won't work according to Seth Rollins?

Rollins said, "The smart thing about this is that Taker has done everything at the right time in his career. To a twelve-year-old who sees The Last Ride, you ruin all the beauty of The Undertaker.

But it wasn't like that, because it didn't come early in his career. His character doesn't work nowadays. There are only a few exceptions. Bray Wyatt is the first who comes to mind as a character outside the norm, who in perspective can be accepted.

The character of The Undertaker is so supernatural, that now at this point in his life he feels more comfortable making the transition outside the character, returning to being Mark Calaway, and it's the best thing for me to look at, to see him human being for once.
In his long run, I think the transition to himself, to retirement, or whatever the next step in The Undertaker's career would help.

He did it clearly. One day he was the Deadman; the next day here comes the Last Ride. He used the story with AJ Styles to anticipate the situation in which he is now and which allows him to be even more active on social media."

Even if we still don't know how much remains for The Undertaker to fight, it is certain that in the last few weeks it has not been done other than talking about his retirement, with numerous clues that have emerged in the past few hours.