Plans for Hulk Hogan's return match canceled

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Plans for Hulk Hogan's return match canceled

Once again, WWE wanted to make history through its most important and anticipated event of the year: Wrestlemania. Even this year, although there was no audience in the theatre because of the pandemic that hit the whole world, WWE managed to set up an edition of the show that had nothing to envy to the previous editions.

A big angle that was cancelled from the evening, however, concerned the company's historic Hall of Famer, Hulk Hogan. According to what reported by the Wrestling News website, Hogan should have left the Raymond James Stadium as the winner of the annual Battle Royal dedicated to his late colleague, Andrè The Giant.

In 1994, he departed the WWF to sign for rival promotion World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Hogan subsequently won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship six times, and also holds the record for the longest reign in company history.

In 1996, he adopted the villainous persona of "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan, leading the popular New World Order (NWO) stable. As a result, he became a major figure during the "Monday Night Wars", another boom of mainstream professional wrestling.

Hogan also headlined WCW's annual flagship event Starrcade three times, including the most profitable WCW pay-per-view ever at the event's 1997 edition. He returned to Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment from World Championship Wrestling in 2002, and won the WWE championship for a sixth time, before departing in 2003.

He was inducted into the Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Fame in 2005 and will be inducted a second time in 2020 as a member of the NWO.